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Upcoming sessions: 

  • 101-1/2024:

Price: 490€ (Includes course fee, entrance to sites and museums, transportation in the city during the course)

Location: Girona & Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)

Course organizer:
AM LearnToTeach Courses

Number of participants: 20

Certification: Yes

Language: English

Target audience

101 I Transmedia, resources for the school. From cinema, literature & art narratives to social media

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Learning objectives

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Certification details

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  • Teachers & school staff from primary and secondary level, and special needs.

  • Company staff

  • School management

  • Not-for-profit / NGO staff

  • Other

Subjects & Competences
  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Citizenship

  • Environmental Education

  • Natural Sciences

  • Physics

  • Primary School Subjects

  • Technology and engineering

  • Citizenship

  • Cultural heritage

  • Non-formal learning

  • Primary education

  • Science

  • Secondary education

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