110- Beach sports: Education and sports


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  • 110/2020-1: 06.07.2020-11.07.2020

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Price: 510€ (Included course fee, entrance to sites and museums, transportation)

Location: Peniche (Portugal)

Course organizer: CFAE Centro-Oeste

 Number of participants: 20 

 Certification on completion: Yes 

 Language: English 


The practice of beach sports is already a reality well implemented and developed. There are several positive factors that demonstrate that beach sports, whether on the sand or in the water, are beneficial to the practitioner's health.


There are many sports that have adapted and are now practiced on the beach, attracting more people to practice sports, because it is done outdoors and in a pleasant environment, which everyone likes, the beach.


Water sports have become more available to people in general. In this sense, also schools should look at these sports as another area of training, and may in the future evolve into the employment of any student wishing to develop in this field of sports.


There are several success stories of small businesses that have their target in beach sports.


Apart from all this, getting out of the school environment and going to the beach or water (rivers, sea or lagoons) is very attractive and motivating for the students, because they will be learning in a different and likeable environment.


In this course, trainees will have the opportunity to explore some of these sports and activities in order to obtain tools that may be useful for them when they return to their home country.


Portugal has excellent beaches for the development of these activities and has had quite a large growth and development. We are sure that the trainees will have an excellent week of training and can exchange experiences with other colleagues from all over Europe.



• Arrivals

• Meeting and getting to know each other

• Course information (aims, concept, summary of activities)



Beach Tennis:

• Beach Tennis rules

• Teaching Methodology

• Organization of the game


• Surf Organization and Regulation

• Technical material

• Description and teaching of surfing techniques



Beach Volleyball:

• Beach volleyball organization and rules

• Teaching Methodology

• Organization of the game


• Description and teaching of surfing techniques


Cultural activities:

• Visit to Berlengas Island with orientation activity




• Organization andsafety rules

• Technical material

• Practical activity

Stand-Up Paddle:

• Organization and Regulation of Stand Up Paddle

• Technical material

• Description and teaching of Stand-Up Paddle techniques



• Reflexion and Evaluation

• Certificates

• Departures

*The programme is subjected to changes in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Places to visit
  • Berlengas Island

  • Peniche


Combating failure in education, reducing early school leaving; Pedagogy and didactics; Physical and home education, health, outside of school activities

Key competences
  • Cultural awareness and expression;

  • Literacy; Personal, social and learning

Target audience
  • Teachers & school staff: primary level;

  • Teachers & school staff: secondary level;

  • Teachers & school staff: special needs

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