112- Creativity enhancement techniques

through arts and writing


Upcoming sessions:

  • 112-2/2022: 17-22.04.2023

Price: 480€ (Included course fee, entrance to sites and museums, transportation)

Location: Larnaca (Cyprus)

Course organizer: CFAE Centro-Oeste

 Number of participants: 20 

 Certification on completion: Yes 

 Language: English 


Creativity is a concept discussed with great interest among the scholars and not only. It is a concept that enables people to think out of the box, find solutions, solve problems, create new ideas and even develop positive elements in one’s character. It is also a concept that we, as teachers, try to inculcate to our students by different methods, aiming to form future citizens that can be useful to the society.


Is creativity though something that can be taught or is it genetical? Experts claim that it can be developed through various means and that fact, makes it a necessity since research has shown that creative students score better in other subjects as well (like maths or sciences).


One of the means that can be used to develop creativity is through arts. Arts provide a great vehicle for students to create new narratives of old themes and form innovative ideas. These ideas can create new narratives, stories, media elements or art works in order to transmit the concept and content behind each idea.


This course will aim to show different ways on how to aid educators, and subsequently students, become more creative in their skills and consequently, in their lives. Music, art, graffiti, theatre, pottery, mythology but also media and writing will be used to offer educators a variety of ideas on how to use innovative techniques in order to motivate students to create inspiring stories.


Trainers will be in contact with the participants in order to solve any questions or doubts and provide advice on accommodation, airports, airlines etc. They will also familiarize participants with the website of the seminars (https://www.learntoteacheu.org/) which will be used to upload pedagogical material created during the course duration.



  • Arrivals

  • Meeting and getting to know each other (ice breaking activities)

  • Course information (aims, concept, summary of activities)



  • Visit Pierides Museum (private collection).

  • Theseas and the labyrinth- A theatrical workshop: How to use mythology/history to create stories

  • Workshop: Sharing ideas/good practices about creating stories in our own schools



  • Visit a local art workshop and learn how to use art to create stories

  • Visit a local graffiti artist. A walk through the neighborhoods to see the street graffiti art

  • Workshop: Using art as a creative narrative


  • Workshop: How to use music elements, instruments and rhythms to inspire new stories

  • Visit a local band and the Municipal Philharmonic  

  • Workshop: Create your own musical story with alternative musical instruments



  • Visit a pottery workshop. How to be inspired by the moulding of clay

  • Create your own pottery object and make it the star of a story.

  • Workshop: Elements of a creative story-Creative writing



  • Reflections/Summary of the course

  • Certificates

  • Departures

*The programme is subjected to changes in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Places to visit

Arts, cultural studies, ethics, philosophy, Communication skills, Pedagogy and didactics

Key competences
  • Cultural awareness and expression

  • Literacy

  • Personal, social and learning

  • Digital

Target audience
  • Teachers & school staff: primary level;

  • Teachers & school staff: secondary level;

  • Teachers & school staff: special needs

  • School management

  • Other

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