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111- Migration, an inclusive approach in education


Upcoming sessions:

  • 111-1/2023: 03-08.07.2023

Price: 510€ (Included course fee, entrance to sites and museums, transportation)

Location: Larnaca (Cyprus)

Course organizer: AM LearnToTeach Courses

Number of participants: 20

Certification on completion: Yes

Language: English


Borders around the world have always been an element of change. Areas of the world and especially of Europe have changed creating a flow of borders and of course, of people. These changes affected the way that societies have developed, the way that people think and the way that countries have evolved. Change is the evolution of civilization but that is not always how it is perceived by the people whose lives are affected by these changes. We have witnessed fear, doubt, anger, rejection but also acceptance, empathy and compassion. Whatever the reactions, immigrants and refugees who have crossed our borders the last years, are a part of our larger or smaller world and we need to learn how to deal with the challenge of change in the best way we can.


This course aims to help educators experience real-life situations and stories of immigrants and refugees in the only divided capital in the world, Nicosia-Cyprus. With the special situation that the island lives under, actual locations become places of interest and personal stories become OUR stories. Learning by experiencing becomes a valuable tool for educators who would like to sensitize their students in accepting immigrants and refugees into their classrooms or their schools. Poems, ideas, educational material, research results, personal stories, visits and many more will provide a kaleidoscope of activities aiming to provide educators with varied material that can be used in any level of education.


Trainers will be in contact with the participants in order to solve any questions or doubts and provide advice on accommodation, airports, airlines etc. They will also familiarize participants with the website of the seminars ( which will be used to upload pedagogical material created during the course duration.



  • Arrivals

  • Meeting and getting to know each other (ice breaking activities)

  • Course information (aims, concept, summary of activities)



  • Nicosia, the only divided capital in the world. Walk around within the walls.

  • Visit the check point and walk along the Green line.

  • Visit the Buffer zone. Presentation of the bicommunal organization “Home for Cooperation”.

  • Viewpoint/Observatory. Brief history of Nicosia

  • “No” square-brief interviews with immigrants who live in the area



  • Conference: Sensitizing students and parents in accepting immigrants or refugees-personal stories

  • Workshop: Pedagogical material-ideas on how to create feelings of empathy but not pity

  • Informal interviews with the locals-perceptions and anticipations. Taking notes


  • Famagusta-a ghost city. The closest observation point

  • Achna and Dasaki Achnas. The tent-church. Hopes and dreams (brief history by the community leader)



  • Archaeological museum of Larnaca. Evidence of immigration and conquest.

  • Turkish-Cypriot part of Larnaca: A new status quo

  • Workshop. “Course portfolio: participants contribution”



  • Reflections/Summary of the course (Black-figure activity)

  • Certificates

  • Departures

*The programme is subjected to changes in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Places to visit

Active citizenship, European dimension, Gender training, equal opportunities, Intercultural education, migration, Pedagogy and didactics, Specific target groups: migrants, Roma, other minorities

Key competences
  • Civic

  • Personal, social and learning

  • Cultural awareness and expression

Target audience
  • Teachers & school staff: primary level;

  • Teachers & school staff: secondary level;

  • Teachers & school staff: special needs

  • School management

  • Other

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