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103- Mythology, a new narrative in a common storytelling


Upcoming sessions:

  • 103-1/2023: 10-15.07.2023

Price: 510€ (Included course fee, entrance to sites and museums, transportation)

Location: Larnaca (Cyprus)

Course organizer: AM LearnToTeach Courses

 Number of participants: 20 

 Certification on completion: Yes 

 Language: English 


When the fair Europe was seized by Zeus (disguised as a bull), little did we know that this very myth would be the beginning of a common narrative throughout Europe and that it would define our European common identity. When Aphrodite was born out of the waves just outside the coast of south-west Cyprus, little did we know about the effect that this myth would have on art, literature or theatre. 


Mythology is a common narrative throughout Europe. National myths connect to those of other nations, they interlock, and they mix only to create another great narrative. We grow up with them, we pass them on to the next generation…. but can we use them to evoke sentiments of common identity to our students? Can we use the similarities of those myths to create the unity we intend to promote for the construction of a common future?


The course will aim to highlight the formation of Europe as the cradle of civilization and the role of mythology and common legends in this formation.  As mythology and history, culture and art blend together, critical thinking and historical conscience are developed to form common heritage and active citizenship.


Approaching this subject with the students in the classroom is a challenge that we are eager to take on. Latest approaches on how-to-teach mythology, on-the-spot visits, connecting myths by discovering similarities and differences, tours in museums and archaeological sites are only a few of the features of this seminar.


Trainers will be in contact with the participants in order to solve any questions or doubts. And provide advice on accommodation, airports, airlines etc. They will also familiarize participants with the website of the seminars which will be used to upload pedagogical material created during the course duration.



  • Arrivals

  • Course information (aims, concept, summary of activities)



  • Visit Nicosia

  • Interactive narrative session (the Minotaur myth)

  • Archaeological museum (focus on mythology decorated pottery)

  • Visit Tamasos, with the remains of the sanctuary of Aphrodite


  • Visit Pierides museum

  • Methods on how to approach myths and legends in the classroom-their importance in critical thinking and historical conscience


  • Visit Paphos (Ancient theatre of Curium, Birth of Aphrodite, Mosaics)

  • Understanding our myths, creating our common future


  • A historical walk around Larnaca (connecting mythology and religion with art and pottery)

  • Pottery session at a local workshop

  • Course portfolio: Participants’ contribution



  • Reflections/Summary of the course

  • Certificates

  • Departures

*The programme is subjected to changes in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Places to visit
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Active citizenship, european dimension, arts, cultural studies, ethics, philosophy, intercultural education, migration, pedagogy and didactics, history, social science, economics, geography.

Key competences
  • Civic

  • Cultural awareness and expression

  • Literacy

  • Personal, social and learning

Target audience
  • Teachers & school staff from primary and secondary level, and special needs.

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