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From School Education Gateway to ESEP: An overall glance to the new platform

In August 2022, the European Commission announced that the School Education Gateway and eTwinning platform would be joined together in a single platform, called ESEP (European School Education Platform). Thus, eTwinning and Gateway would seize their functions for one month until the unification. Unfortunately for teachers and schools, the process took longer than expected and the unification was achieved just this month, September 2023. Sometimes, maintenance messages occur when visiting the site, some features are still not working properly but in general, the functionality is back.

In order to familiarize all parties with the new platform, National Agencies throughout Europe have started their information campaigns by offering Webinars and informing all parties about the specific features of the platform. They have also circulated step-by-step guides in order to make it easier for everyone to adjust to the new features.

The link to ESEP takes you to the Home Page. From there, going to the Menu, different sections can be found:

  1. About: In this part, various details about ESEP, eTwinning, National Agencies list, contact details and newsletters can be found.

  2. Insights: Fresh insights into school education policy and practice in Europe can be found that can be searched by filters i.e. Key competences, Publications, Research etc.

  3. Professional Development: All online and onsite courses for professional development for educators are registered in this section. Webinars and Events/Conferences can also be found. By selecting onsite courses, a large number of filters appear for a more personalized search.

  4. Recognition: All the Labels and Awards granted by the European Commission are listed here as an acknowledgement of the work of teachers. These aim to recognise their work by providing opportunities for them to be evaluated for their eTwinning and Erasmus+ programme activities.

  5. Networking: People, organizations, and schools are registered in this section to provide opportunities for collaboration. They can also participate in projects and professional development opportunities.

  6. eTwinning: eTwinners can network, share, and collaborate with other registered eTwinners and schools by connecting through the social networking features offered.

All registrations on the European School Education Platform can be performed using EU Login here.

AM LearntoTeach courses are already registered on ESEP. You can find us under Professional Development in the Menu, then Courses and from then on you can search by keywords i.e. water, Gaudí, STEAM, Migration etc. LearntoTeach offers only onsite courses so remember to change the filter.

For example, the search word “Gaudi ” will transfer you to one of our STEAM courses where you can find all the details about the course and at the same time, get linked to our website.



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