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The innovation of LearntoTeach courses

Our promise and our effort since LearntoTeach started offering courses, was to provide a better experience to all our participants. Beginning with the notion of accurate information, we have enriched our website and developed new courses whereas improved the existing ones. In the next few weeks, six more courses are planned and will be uploaded on our site and ESEP. These are taking place in Slovenia, Greece, Cyprus, Spain and Portugal.

AM LearntoTeach has introduced an innovative concept in the way of course planning. This new concept involves common themes in our courses so that trilogies, tetralogies and pentalogies of courses are created. The beauty of this idea is that common subjects are dealt in different environments and cities but specializing in specific themes that are unique in each place. As an example we can demonstrate the case of our STEAM-themed courses.

In the STEAM courses, we focus on the methodology of STEAM in various cities around Europe but taking as basis an important element that characterizes each city. In Barcelona we emphasize on the genius of Gaudi, in Florence we deal with the master Leonardo da Vinci and in Cyprus we meet with the world of gamification and robotics as the basis of two world known companies, Wargaming and Engino. Thus, a trilogy is formed, with a common theme but each course with its own uniqueness. In this way, educators from the same institution can follow STEAM in different countries and share among them the experience. Other similar examples involve sustainability and water or cultural heritage.

All our courses are driven by five common goals that are essential both for the participants but also for us:

  1. We want our participants to get the most of the course’s content. To achieve this, we prepare short explanatory documents about each session and we always contact professional trainers and prestigious institutions.

  2. Theory and practice are blended so that each participant gets the highest level of experience. The combination of theory (with presentations and working documents) and practice (with field visits and workshops) provide a holistic experience for everyone.

  3. Participants have the opportunity to share experiences with others and exchange ideas and projects. More than often, this networking allows participants to share future partnerships through Erasmus+ or eTwinning.

  4. The activities planned lead to successful teaching practices as participants can apply them directly into their classrooms even from the first day they go back to their schools.

  5. As it is important to connect the location of the course with its theme, we consider that the knowledge acquired about the city (history, traditions etc), adds to the total experience of the course.

We would like to invite you to join us and our network of content participants in this trip and enjoy the experience. For us, the gain is to make new friends and partners!



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