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101- Transmedia, resources for the school.

From cinema, literature & art narratives to social media


Upcoming sessions:

  • 101-1/2023: 10-15.04.2023

Price: 510€ (Included course fee, entrance to sites and museums, transportation)

Location: Girona (Catalonia, Spain)

Course organizer: AM LearnToTeach Courses

 Number of participants: 20 

 Certification on completion: Yes 

 Language: English 


In the twentieth century, cinema became a new way of telling, turning the static nature of written language into iconic with intriguing dynamics and acoustics. Moreover, in its 100-year history, cinema has gone through several narrative stages: at the beginning with silent films, where the narrative difficulty of silence was compensated by the exaggerated expressiveness of its protagonists, to the cinema of today where the digitalization and special effects have transformed the principles of storytelling.

Also, cinema has been establishing close links with other arts and literature. One of the most notable examples is the painter Salvador Dalí. This course will reveal the close relations that the surrealist genius established among these three areas.

Today, in the 21st century there is another concept to introduce in the activities of our classes: transmedia. Transmedia is a concept coined in 2003 by Henry Jenkins. The ways that our students are receiving the knowledge are changing. Today everything is connected, books-movies-comics-video games-TV-social networks-advertisements... There are many sources that our students have at their disposal to get inputs. The school must find how to connect all these sources. In the words of Jenkins, “Transmedia storytelling is the ideal aesthetic form for an era of collective intelligence”. 


The course is a strategic proposal that can assist in stimulating educational resources in the classroom. We will visit several of the locations of some films and series that have been filmed in Girona, Barcelona or Palamós, like "The Perfume" (Patrick Suskind-movie 2006) or “The Cathedral of the sea”  (Ildefonso Falcone serial 2018), "In Cold Blood"  (Truman Capote movie 1967), “Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona”  (Woody Allen-2008), or the serial “Game of Thrones”  (serial 2011-2019). 

In short, the course aims to build a narrative net between all these sources/media to arrive to transmedia in order to convey their pedagogical possibilities applied in an interdisciplinary learning environment.

Trainers will be in contact with the participants in order to solve any questions or doubts and provide advice on accommodation, airports, airlines etc. They will also familiarize participants with the website of the seminars ( which will be used to upload pedagogical material created during the course duration.



  • Arrivals

  • Meeting and getting to know each other (ice breaking activities)

  • Course information (aims, concept, summary of activities)


  • Conference: from the traditional to the storytelling classroom.

  • Visit to the Museum of Cinema in Girona

  • Route in Girona of “The Perfume”I (2006)

  • Route in Girona of “Game of Thrones” (2011-2019)



  •  Route in Barcelona of “The Perfume”  II (2006)

  •  Route in Barcelona of“The Cathedral of the Sea” (2018)


  • Visit to Dalí Museum in Figueres

  • Visit to Can Ginebreda Forest: Exhibition of surrealist sculptures in a forest.

  • Workshop: Characteristics of Surrealism. The shared Surrealism by García Lorca (poet), Dalí (painter) and Buñuel (director of cinema). “Little ashes”(2008)


  • Conference: Strategies promoting the brand-city through literature, fiction and cinema. The case of  “Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona”(Woody Allen, 2008), and “In Cold Blood”(1967) (Truman Capote 1966)

  • Walking the Truman Capote route in Palamós

  • Course portfolio: Participants’ contribution



  • Reflections/Summary of the course

  • Certificates

  • Departures

*The programme is subjected to changes in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Places to visit

Active citizenship, european dimension, arts, cultural studies, ethics, philosophy, communication skills, history, social science, economics, geography, Informatics, coding, digital learning, media literacy, pedagogy and didactics.

Key competences
  • Civic

  • Cultural awareness and expression

  • Digital

  • Languages

  • Literacy

  • Personal, social and learning

Target audience
  • Teachers & school staff from primary and secondary level

  • School management

  • Others

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