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About us

AM LearnToTeach Courses LTD is an organization created to provide high-standard training courses for teachers of different educational levels. The educators behind the training seminars form a team of professionals and experts from all levels of education. Even though a diverse group, the team has been working together successfully since 2006. Both diversity and experience have created some important projects throughout the EU taking into consideration the particular needs of teachers and students from primary to secondary education. Our level of expertise has driven us to share our experience with teachers across Europe and pass on our accumulated knowledge with the aim to improve the quality of teaching in our common educational space. 

Among our priorities is to: 

  • Provide educators with high quality training experiences;

  • facilitate the work of teachers in their everyday teaching practice;

  • enhance the educational competence of teachers so as to deliver better educational results;

  • practice innovative and creative solutions for the classroom;

  • open new horizons using future oriented ideas like STEAM, ICT, sustainability, climate change, identity development, critical thinking, or historical realization;

  • exchange and utilize ideas, thoughts, and experiences in an environment that promotes acceptance and sharing as professional development strategies.


The professional team supporting the development of the courses is formed by skilled certified trainers, collaborators and advisors of LearnToTeach, all experts in their field including (among others) the following:

Josep A Blasco.jpg
Josep A. Blasco

Teacher of Secondary School

Palamós, Catalonia (Spain)

Teacher in a Secondary school but also a former Primary and Adult School teacher.  The subjects that he has been teaching along over 30 years of service are science, mathematics, physical education and ICT. He is eTwinning ambassador in Catalonia, and he has been participating or coordinating more than 25 European projects, seminars and courses from Socrates, Comenius, Grundtvig or Erasmus+. As trainer he is collaborating with different institutions like the Foundation of the University of Girona or the Department of Education of the Government of Catalonia.

Nicolau Borges

CFAE Centro-Oeste

Caldas Da Rainha, Portugal

Masters Degree in Art History and Post Graduate Studies in School Administration, Teacher Training Management and Contemporary Studies. Currently the Director of the CFAE Centro-Oeste Teachers' Training Center (Portugal), public institution which plans and organizes the Teacher Training Courses for all the teaching professionals working in the public schools in the area of Caldas da Rainha, Cadaval, Bombarral, Peniche and Óbidos.

Stella Eliadou

Teacher of Primary School

Larnaca, Cyprus


M.A. in Education-Curriculum Development, from the Open University of Cyprus. Degree in Education (Primary) from the Pedagogical Academy of Cyprus and Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki. She is currently vice-principal in Primary Education with 30 years of experience in teaching. She has been actively involved in creating and developing European projects/seminars and eTwinning courses since 2006.

Marc Blasco Duatis

University Lecture Professor

UAB, Catalonia (Spain)

Marc Blasco.jpg

Ph.D. in Communication Sciences (UdG), M.A. in Communication and Journalism (University of Coimbra) and M.A. in Teacher Training (UdG). Graduate in Advertising and Public Relations (UdG) and in Communication Sciences by the Open University of Catalonia. He is currently an associate professor at the Autonomous Univesity of Barcelona, in the University of Girona and in the Open University of Catalonia, developing teaching in cultural industries, political communication and transmedia. He is also a teacher in the professional training studies in the Department of Education of the Government of Catalonia, expert reviewer of different scientific journals and member of the panel of expert reviewers of Erasmus+ projects.

Teacher of Secondary School

Thessaloniki, Greece

Gianna Zioga

Ph.D. in Latin Literature, M.A. in Classical Greek and Latin Literature and Graduate of the Aristotle University Thessaloniki. She is currently a teacher in the secondary public education, teaching for almost 20 years subjects as classical languages, history, poetry. She has been involved in several courses and seminars (Comenius, Pestalozzi, Grundtvig) since 2006.

Federico Agen

Researcher in Neuroscience

Complutense Univ. Madrid, SP

foto Federico 2019 bn.png

Ph.D. candidate in Neuroscience of Education (researcher in Emotional Learning at Complutense University of Madrid), becoming Honorific Collaborator. Master’s degree in Biochemistry (University of Siena). Degrees in Visual Communication (University of Florence) and Pharmaceutical Chemistry (University of Pisa). Teacher of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Ecology in Secondary education for over 30 years. He is managing parents’ support courses. He had been President of Culture, Education and Sport Commission for the City Hall of Livorno (Italy), partner-coordinator of Erasmus+ and Comenius programs and an intern in Neuropharmacology (School of Medicine, University of Pisa).

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