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Future courses for empowered educators

Very popular courses are coming up until the end of 2023! Pre-register if you are interested in any of them to have your participation confirmed!

Gaudí is a metaphor for what STEAM methodology intends, that is, to develop the curricular matters of the scientific-mathematical field combined with art. Following his genius, we comprehend what STEAM actually is in times that STEAM didn’t actually exist. In Barcelona, the muse-city of Gaudi, we realize in every step how this method can be used and how important it is to teach our students the secrets of STEAM thinking. (23-28/10/2023)

With this course, we learn in a practical way how to engage all the subjects of the curriculum into the STEAM methodology and develop projects for our students and schools. We also visit the landmarks of Gaudi within Barcelona and discover how STEAM was applied in his work with the amazing results that are still visible today.

The course is about water management in a big city like Barcelona that promotes sustainability and education around water usage to ensure that this resource is used responsibly and efficiently especially during the last few years that rain is scarce. Barcelona offers ideas and unique examples on how to educate students into becoming future, responsible citizens in handling water, the most precious gift. (16-21/10/2023)

What is special about this course is that it demonstrates, in a very engaging way, the whole water history of Barcelona from the beginning to modern times. High security facilities, not usually accessible to the public are visited, practical activities for the students are demonstrated and pedagogical material is produced in a course that holistically approaches water problems in a big city.

Borders around the world have always been an element of change. Areas of the world and especially of Europe have changed creating a flow of borders and of course, of people. These changes affected the way that societies have developed, the way that people think and the way that countries have evolved. (6-11/11/2023)

Cyprus, the only divided country still existing in the world, with the highest number of first-time asylum applications relative to population in the EU and with its own refugee problem unsolved for the last 50 years, has a hard challenge to cope with. How is migration approached by the schools, government and institutions is a riddle to untangle that goes far beyond the sun-kissed touristic island that we all know.

Mythology is a common narrative throughout Europe. National myths connect to those of other nations, they interlock, and they mix only to create another great narrative. We grow up with them, we pass them on to the next generation…. but how do we use them in our classrooms as a pedagogical tool to promote the construction of a common future? (13-18/11/2023)

This is a challenge that we are eager to take on. Latest approaches on how-to-teach mythology, on-the-spot visits, connecting myths by discovering similarities and differences, tours in museums and archaeological sites are only a few of the features of this seminar.

If your schedule doesn’t allow you to participate in any of our courses during the present year, you can always register for 2024 or even 2025 in your favorite course. Our theme combinations let you participate in different cities but with common themes. So you can choose STEAM either in Barcelona, Florence, Athens or Larnaca-Cyprus or maybe learn about cultural heritage in Toledo, Thessaloniki, Santiago or Andalucia to name a few.



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