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Next Seminars from LearnToTeach

In our website you can find the program of the 14 different courses that we offer in various dates during the years 2024 and 2025. The content of the courses is very variable, from sustainability, ecology, climate change, cultural heritage, migration to history, mythology, identities, sports etc. All of them aim at teachers of all educational levels and at leaders and collaborators with NGOs.


There are 5 main points common in our courses, that define how we work, after many years of experience in this field:


  • The first objective, obviously, is to get the best knowledge of the seminar’s contents.

  • The second goal is Learning by experience. The learning issues are developing not only in a theoretical but in a practical way using workshops and visits to the best content connected places.

  • The third is to share with the participants their experiences to improve everyone’s knowledge. For this reason, we schedule different sessions during the week for all participants to meet and to comment their experiences in a formal space (workshop or classroom) or non-formal (sharing a walk or a lunch).

  • The fourth is to ask the participants to be permanently aware on how to “transfer” the activities of the course to the reality of their daily work. For this reason, the participants will be given working time to prepare their “lesson plans” connected with one of the activities developed in the course and to present it to the rest of participants.

  • The last one relates to the country that the seminar takes place, and it is to obtain the knowledge of the city/country that the course is developed in and its relation with the content of the course.

Some of the next seminars:






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