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Youth Tech Festival Cyprus 2023 (STEM)

A festival which celebrated Technology, Arts, Science and Entrepreneurship and was meant for students and teachers was organized at the premises of the University of Nicosia on November 18. It was the Youth Tech Festival Cyprus 2023 which was meant to celebrate children's passion for all things Technology, Art, Science and Entrepreneurship and the recognition of educators’ efforts to prepare literate citizens for technology-driven society.

AM Learntoteach Courses Ltd, having a special interest in the field of STEAM, couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to engage in an exciting day packed with interactive shows, workshops, masterclasses, and hands-on activities led by scientists, engineers, programmers, and educators.

Many of today’s current trends in the global EdTech community were presented. From handmade wooden constructions to a robotic dog and VR/XR to the latest multiboards, the festival demonstrated the technological developments of today looking into the future.

At the same time, a summit took place with speakers from various sectors of society’s work environment: educational leaders, policymakers, academics, educators, and professionals, shared their best practices and embraced successes with the aim to create critical thinkers and citizens of the future.

The photos below are only a sample of how the festival was received especially by the children:



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